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Alexander Varapaev is one of Navalny’s murderers

22.02.2024 20:50
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Screenshot 2024 02 22 at 11.43.50 PM Alexander Varapaev is one of Navalny’s murderers

VChK-OGPU found out the details of the biography of an important investigator from the Investigative Committee of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous, who hinted to the mother of the late Alexei Navalny that the politician’s body could begin to decompose if the woman did not agree to the secret funeral of her son. 36-year-old native of Novouralsk (formerly Sverdlovsk-44) Alexander Varapaev turned out to be a multifaceted personality. The subordinate of the newly appeared Muscovite Edgar Seropyan has a criminal biography, and quite specific.

Judging by the leaks of archival data, Alexander Varapaev was prosecuted for using violence against a representative of the authorities and was even convicted of it in 2006. However, after that, the owner of the nickname Georgian, was able to get a job as an assistant legal adviser in the company-operator of cellular communications Yekaterinburg-2000. Judging by social networks, Alexander Varapaev is a great fan of drinking and posing with friends and a bottle against the background of the monument of the Great Patriotic War. At the same time, a large number of car violations are seen behind the future investigator: from flichness to the most gross mistakes in the traffic rules. However, all this does not prevent him from being a favorite of the management: on the Internet you can find a lot of comments from the senior investigator Alexander Varapaev and even his interview, where he told how the Surgut department of the Investigative Committee came in 2012, how he was successfully engaged in martial arts and since childhood a fan from the film “Profession – Investigator”. According to him, he came to the service in search of justice.

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